1. Mackenzie Zastrow
  2. Notepad++ VisualStudioLineCopy




Adds two commands to Notepad++ CopyAllowLine and CutAllowLine, which adds Visual Studio style copy/cutting to Notepad++.

CopyAllowLine - Copies the selected text if text is selected, or copies the current line if no text is selected.

CutAllowLine - Cutsthe selected text if text is selected, or cuts the current line if no text is selected.

See below for instructions on installing the plugin.

Inspired by: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/619754/how-to-mimic-visual-studios-ctrl-x-ctrl-v-functionality-in-notepad

How to Install

  1. Download the dll for your version of Notepad++:
    • VisualStudioLineCopy.Unicode.dll is for Unicode version of Notepad++
    • VisualStudioLineCopy.Ansi.dll is for Ansi version of Notepad++
    • VisualStudioLineCopy.Unicode.Net.dll is an older, .NET version of the addon (for Unicode only).
  2. Place the file into your Notepad++\plugins\ folder, while Notepad++ is not running
  3. Start Notepad++
  4. Open up the shortcut mapper (Settings > Shortcut Mapper...)
  5. Remove the existing shotcuts
    1. Select the "Scintilla commands" tab
    2. Remove the Ctrl+X and Ctrl+C shortcuts
      1. Double click the Ctrl+X shortcut
      2. Remove the Ctrl+X shortcut using delete command on the bottom left
      3. Repeat 1 & 2 for the Ctrl+C shortcut
  6. Add the plugin shortcuts (use the modify button with the command selected):
    1. Select the "Plugin commands" tab
    2. Find the CopyAllowLine and CutAllowLine plugin commands (towards the bottom)
    3. Add the Ctrl+C shortcut to the CopyAllowLine command
    4. Add the Ctrl+X shortcut to the CutAllowLine command