Cosmic Commando is a roguelike game in early stages of development.

Cosmic Commando's homepage:

You can modify the 'coscom.cfg' file to configure the game to your liking (e.g. change font). Additional instructions are provided as comments in that file.

Press '?' in game to open help dialog box.

===== RUNNING THE GAME ===== Under Linux:


You need Python (2.7 works, other versions might too) and SDL.

Under Windows:


If you get a "MSVCR90.dll not found" error, you need to download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package. This is a Python runtime's dependency.

===== TECHNOLOGY =====

The game is written in Python and uses the Doryen Library (libtcod -

Windows binary was created using py2exe (

===== COPYING =====

CosmicCommando is released under the GPL license. See "LICENSE (GPL v.3).txt" for details.

===== CREDITS =====

Piotr 'ZasVid' Sikora - programming, game design

This game contains bits of open-source code from:
Thanks to:
  • for years of fanning the flame of roguelike passion
    • and last but not least (quite the opposite, in fact), my greatest supporter, lovely Irineczka

===== CONTACT =====

You can send comments, praise, bug reports, criticism to: