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handle unicode urls

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 METADATA_PREFIX = 'x-amz-meta-'
+def url_fix(s, charset='utf-8'):
+    """Sometimes you get an URL by a user that just isn't a real
+    URL because it contains unsafe characters like ' ' and so on.  This
+    function can fix some of the problems in a similar way browsers
+    handle data entered by the user:
+    >>> url_fix(u' (Begriffsklärung)')
+    ''
+    :param charset: The target charset for the URL if the url was
+                    given as unicode string.
+    """
+    #note this handles unicode properly while urllib.quote_plus does 
+    #special thanks for this function:
+    if isinstance(s, unicode):
+        s = s.encode(charset, 'ignore')
+    scheme, netloc, path, qs, anchor = urlparse.urlsplit(s)
+    path = urllib.quote(path, '/%')
+    qs = urllib.quote_plus(qs, ':&=')
+    return urlparse.urlunsplit((scheme, netloc, path, qs, anchor))
 # generates the aws canonical string for the given parameters
 def canonical_string(method, bucket="", key="", query_args={}, headers={}, expires=None):
     interesting_headers = {}
         buf += "/%s" % bucket
     # add the key.  even if it doesn't exist, add the slash
-    buf += "/%s" % urllib.quote_plus(key)
+    buf += "/%s" % url_fix(key)
     # handle special query string arguments
     for k, v in query_args.items():
         piece = k
         if v != None:
-            piece += "=%s" % urllib.quote_plus(str(v))
+            piece += "=%s" % url_fix(v)
     return '&'.join(pairs)
         # add the slash after the bucket regardless
         # the key will be appended if it is non-empty
-        path += "/%s" % urllib.quote_plus(key)
+        path += "/%s" % url_fix(key)
         # build the path_argument string
         url = CallingFormat.build_url_base(self.protocol, self.server, self.port, bucket, self.calling_format)
-        url += "/%s" % urllib.quote_plus(key)
+        url += "/%s" % url_fix(key)
         query_args['Signature'] = encoded_canonical
         query_args['Expires'] = expires
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