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switch row and col in 'is-revealed

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File minesweeper-mode.el

   "If reveal is true, or if the selected mine has been revealed, returns the value at position (col, row). Otherwise, it returns the character * if the square is marked, the character - if it is not."
   (minesweeper-debug "called view-mine " (number-to-string col) " " (number-to-string row) " " (if reveal "reveal!" "hide"))
   (cond ((or reveal
-	     (minesweeper-is-revealed col row))
+	     (minesweeper-is-revealed row col))
 	 (gethash (list col row)
 	((minesweeper-marked col row)
-(defun minesweeper-is-revealed (col row)
-  "Returns 't if (col, row) is revealed, nil otherwise"
+(defun minesweeper-is-revealed (row col)
+  "Returns 't if (row, col) is revealed, nil otherwise"
   (gethash (list col row)
 (defun minesweeper-invert-mark (col row)
   "If (col, row) is marked, unmark it. Otherwise, mark it."
   (when (and (minesweeper-in-bounds row col)
-	     (not (minesweeper-is-revealed col row)))
+	     (not (minesweeper-is-revealed row col)))
     (if (minesweeper-marked col row)
 	(minesweeper-unmark col row)
       (minesweeper-mark col row))))
   "Reveals the square at position (col, row). If the square is zero,  pick all the neighbors around (col, row)."
   (minesweeper-debug "starting pick with args:" (number-to-string col) " " (number-to-string row))
   (unless (or (not (minesweeper-in-bounds row col))
-	      (minesweeper-is-revealed col row)
+	      (minesweeper-is-revealed row col)
 	      (minesweeper-marked col row))
     (minesweeper-debug "in pick, valid position chosen")
     (when *minesweeper-first-move*
 		   (cur-col (car cur))
 		   (cur-row (cdr cur)))
 	      (minesweeper-debug "View-mine says " (number-to-string cur-col) ", " (number-to-string cur-row) " mine = " (make-string 1 (minesweeper-view-mine cur-row cur-col 't)))
-	      (unless (or (minesweeper-is-revealed cur-col cur-row)
+	      (unless (or (minesweeper-is-revealed cur-row cur-col)
 			  (minesweeper-marked cur-col cur-row))
 		(minesweeper-debug "it's not revealed, so reveal it")
 		(minesweeper-reveal cur-row cur-col)