Zdeněk Drahoš


Big Number data type for PHP which can be used as replacement of inaccurate float Use BC Math and requires PHP >= 5.3.

JavaFX - Parents and Children

Java FX 2.2 - master detail, editable table, charts, resizable/movable undecorated window. The Clean Architecture.

PHP File Cache

PHP Tool for caching in the files, New BSD License.

C# Generic Data Structures & Algorithms

Graph, Shortest Path (Dijkstra, Floyd matrix), Tables, PairingHeap, BinaryTree, BinarySearchTree, RangeTree, RedBlackTrees, Block Files, Search algorithms

JAVA Neural Networks

Kohonen map, Feed Forward neural network, Back Propagation training algorithm

PHP Language Switch class

PHP class for switching languages on website. Information about selected language is stored in cookies.