C# Generic Data Structures & Algorithms


Project developed as semestral project in Data Structures and Algorithms at University of Pardubice.

  • Graph - undirected graph.
  • Shortest Path - find the shortest path in graph with Dijkstra algorithm or Floyd Matrix.
  • Table - associative array, implementations with hash table, linked list, table in external memory.
  • Priority Queue - implemented with PairingHeap.
  • Binary Tree - basic tree data structure.
  • Binary Search Tree - ordered binary tree.
  • Range Tree - available 1D and 2D Range Tree.
  • Red Black Tree - self-balancing binary search tree used as index structure for block files.
  • Block Files - block oriented files, heap file or sorted file, used for table in external memory
  • Search Algorithms - binary and interpolation search.



License: New BSD License.

Author: Zdenek Drahos.