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Tag Commit Date Download
v1.1.2 9527881
v1.1.1 cdb8012
v1.1.0 c804bda
v1.0.21 bf60df5
v1.0.20 42e99b8
v1.0.19 0ffdd92
v1.0.18 0a30313
v1.0.17 6ba8c4d
v1.0.16 db3a8fe
v1.0.15 2ca423c
v1.0.14 0865018
v1.0.13 b47410d
v1.0.12 76f90a0
v1.0.11 de8f350
v1.0.10 46155ee
v1.0.9 5a248c7
v1.0.8 b92ecc9
v1.0.7 17f1bcd
v1.0.6 d44a2bb
v1.0.5 81f6b89
v1.0.4 26edbc3
v1.0.3 eccf115
v1.0.2 ed41e06
v1.0.1 339d956
v1.0.0 8680414
v0.10.1 0ee1db5
v0.10.0 7f1c472
v0.9.6 e7a380e
v0.9.5 a9c38ee
v0.9.4 a73e420
v0.9.3 4313f17
v0.9.2 09c19a6
v0.9.1 73d72c6
v0.9.0 8e8616b
v0.8.5 4530cb8
v0.8.4 cb7aa7d
v0.2.11 0939e90
v0.8.3 c680a36
v0.2.10 675b484
v0.8.2 5d761a3
v0.8.1 bc570d4
v0.8.0 7c23c0c
v0.7.7 0e02585
v0.7.6 8487e68
v0.7.5 437fa73
v0.7.4 a0e4123
v0.7.3 af97296
v0.7.2 9276e14
v0.7.1 bca1b0b
v0.7.0 af1bf47
v0.6.0 3c9e641
v0.2.9 ba44d29
v0.2.8 795decf
v0.2.7 e343719
v0.2.6 06cec1c
v0.5.0 6c07fc5
v0.2.5 c307f03
v0.2.4 f7cce13
v0.4.1 505423b
v0.2.3 9327734
v0.4.0 ec3cfdd
v0.2.2 0f67275
v0.2.1 e15cf6f
v0.2.0 cf74183
v0.1.8 2522cb2
v0.1.7 039a8bf
v0.1.6 4c9f20a
v0.1.5 0b86e74
v0.1.4 b5c4290
v0.1.3 00d990c
v0.1.2 277adee
v0.1.1 854ae08
v0.1.0 6c243aa
v0.0.2 c9f096f
Branch Commit Date Download
master 9527881
2.0-refactor 27f354d
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