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honour ?MAX_RECV_BODY when receiving whole bodies.

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 %%      Will only receive up to the default max-body length
 do_recv_body(State=#state{reqdata=RD}) ->
-          read_whole_stream(do_stream_body(State, ?MAX_RECV_BODY), []), RD)}.
+          read_whole_stream(do_stream_body(State, ?MAX_RECV_BODY), [], ?MAX_RECV_BODY), RD)}.
-read_whole_stream({Hunk,Next}, Acc0) ->
+read_whole_stream({Hunk, _}, _, MaxRecv) when MaxRecv =< byte_size(Hunk) ->
+    exit(req_body_too_large);
+read_whole_stream({Hunk,Next}, Acc0, MaxRecv) ->
     Acc = [Hunk|Acc0],
     case Next of
         done -> iolist_to_binary(lists:reverse(Acc));
-        _ -> read_whole_stream(Next(), Acc)
+        _ -> read_whole_stream(Next(), Acc, MaxRecv - byte_size(Hunk))
 do_stream_body(State = #state{reqdata=RD}, MaxHunkSize) ->
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