yatce / README.txt

yatce - Yet Another Tokyo Cabinet Erlang binding

* Abstract

  For users who want to use Tokyo Cabinet from Erlang. 
 Reads 'yatch`e' like 'match'. No messaging, nor context switch between 
 the Linkedin driver and Erlang VM by using 'port_control' API.

* Current Status 

  Working well. But Erlang linkedin driver (say, port) said to be bottleneck,
 But port_control runs in the same thread context with Erlang code. 
 Simple performance test (written in porformer.erl) shows the result that,
 insertion performance reaches 6500 qps, and lookup performance reaches 
 29000 qps; is this a row performance of Tokyo Cabinet? (I expect TC makes
 much better performance)
  Currently, and Temporarily, it compiles in MacOSX and Ubuntu 9.04 - users
need edit Makefile ( just comment-out and comment-in a single line ).

  See ebin/tctest.erl for sample programs.

* Compilation

  Edit this line in Makefile.
## on Mac
#	sed -e 's/__INCLUDE__/MacOS\.mk/'  c_src/ > $@
## on Ubuntu / Debian
	sed -e 's/__INCLUDE__/Ubuntu\.mk/'  c_src/ > $@
## on CentOS, other linux which erts directly installed in /usr/local
#	sed -e 's/__INCLUDE__/CentOS\.mk/'  c_src/ > $@


-performance test (is port_control a really bottleneck?)
-documentation (EDocize)
-documentation :P
-compatilibily in other environment: Linux, *BSD, Solaris. - badly done
-autoconfize - pending


-Tokyo Cabinet - what I want to bind

-tcerl - Erlang port of Tokyo Cabinet

* Interface

 going to make compliant with tokyocabinet.idl

* License

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