# Lua Enhanced Server Module This project is for Enhancing Clan servers with Lua. [wiki](/zelly/lua-enhanced-server-mod/wiki/Home "The wiki contains just about everything you need to know") Please contact me in xfire *anewxfireaccount* if you have any questions # Where is my update? (2.7.6) Working on making 2.7.6 compatible with silent 0.9.0 at least. Testing all the commands before I release it. # Features See a list of features [here](/zelly/lua-enhanced-server-mod/wiki/Features) # Tutorial # This tutorial will help you in starting out creating a new profile and using all the features you need. See the tutorial [here](/zelly/lua-enhanced-server-mod/wiki/Tutorial) # Keys # View all of the keys you have access to as well on the [Keys](/zelly/lua-enhanced-server-mod/wiki/Keys) page # Bugs & Proposals # Please feel free to report any problems or proposals to the [issue tracker]( I will get to it as soon as possible