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+== BreadCrumb titles==
+BreadCrumb titles are extracted with the following order
+*Using an event BreadCrumbsEventConstants.GET_TITLE .The component event handler will be passed the activationContext
+*Using message catalogs 
+*Logical page name
+=== Using an event ===
+An event with name BreadCrumbsEventConstants.GET_TITLE will be triggered on the appropriate component. The component event handler will be passed the activationContext.
+The returned string, will be used as the page title
+public String getBreadCrumbTitle(User user) {
+	return user.getUsername();
+== Using message catalogs ==
+If there is not event handler for the event mentioned above then the title will be extracted from the components message catalog.The key for the message
+ will be extracted from logical page name and append BreadCrumbsConstants.BREADCRUMBS_TITLE_SUFFIX
+Index-crumb = Index page
+== Logical page name ==
+If there is no event handler and no message then the logical page name will be user as breadcrumb title
 == Welcome ==