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 ==== Module Configuration ===
 Many properties of the module can be overriden by contributing to application defaults
-|=Property Name |=Heading Default Value |=Description |
+|=Property Name |=Default Value |=Description |
 |BreadCrumbsConstants.BREADCRUMBS_MAX_CRUMBS_TO_SAVE  | 10 | Number of breadcrumbs to save.If exceeded the list will wrap around.|
+|BreadCrumbsConstants.BREADCRUMBS_DISCARD_DUPLICATES | true | Whether or not to discard duplicate breadcrumbs.|
+|BreadCrumbsConstants.BREADCRUMBS_TRAIL_CSS_CLASS | t-zbreadcrumbs |  Default class name that is added to the breadCrumbTrailComponent. |
+|BreadCrumbsConstants.BREADCRUMBS_TITLE_SUFFIX | -crumb |  Default suffix that will be appended to the logical page name when using message catalogue to get the title of the breadcrumb. |
+|BreadCrumbsConstants.BREADCRUMBS_DEFAULT_STYLESHEET | classpath:/com/zenios/tapestry/breadcrumbs/Assets/default.css | The default breadcrumbs stylesheet automatically injected into every rendered HTML page.|
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