ZXMPP is a general library the provides support for connecting to xmpp servers.ZXMPP is written in C, but works with C++ natively.

This library is distributed under the GPL license, which can be found in the file "COPYING".

Tools: In the tools folder you can find 2 examples of the library in action 1.zxmpp_client is a small client that connects to google talk servers.Once someone sends you a chat message with body "exit" the client disconnects. 2.zxmpp_component is an application that connect to xmpp servers as a component.

Features: Supports Windows,Linux,OSX. Only tested on linux and OSX ( It can be easily ported to any other platform ) Compression using zlib or any other provider you want ( You can register your own compression mechanism ) Encryption using either GnuTLS or OpenSSL Anonymous,digest-md5,component and plain auth ( You can also register your own auth providers )

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