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zensatellite  committed c2279a0

Trying to add cloud property - works up to renderMap and breaks at map.startElement. Disabled in UI for now.

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File src/main/java/com/comalatech/confluence/spacemap/macro/AbstractMindMapMacro.java

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             cloud = "false";
+        String from = (String) params.get("from");
+        if (from == null) {
+            from = "0";
+        }
         context.put("path", getInitLoadFilePath(renderContext, params) +
             "&options.depth=" + depth  +
             "&options.cloud=" + cloud  +
+            "&options.from=" + from +
             "&options.navigator=" + navigator);
         return VelocityUtils.getRenderedTemplate("/templates/mapbrowser.vm", context);

File src/main/java/com/comalatech/confluence/spacemap/macro/SpaceMapMacro.java

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     protected String getInitLoadFilePath(RenderContext renderContext, Map params)
         String spaceKey;
-        if (params.containsKey("spaceKey"))
+        if (params.containsKey("space"))
-            spaceKey = (String) params.get("spaceKey");
+            spaceKey = (String) params.get("space");

File src/main/resources/atlassian-plugin.xml

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             <parameter name="space" type="spacekey" required="true"/>
             <parameter name="depth" type="int" default="5" />
+            <!--<parameter name="cloud" type="boolean" />-->
     <macro name="incominglinksmap" key="incominglinksmap"
             <parameter name="page" type="confluence-content" required="true"/>
             <parameter name="depth" type="int" default="5" />
             <parameter name="navigator" type="boolean" />
+            <!--<parameter name="cloud" type="boolean" />-->

File src/main/resources/i18n.properties

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 com.comalatech.spacemap.spacemap.param.depth.label=Depth of links
 com.comalatech.spacemap.spacemap.param.depth.desc=The number of pages deep to traverse. Default is 5.
+com.comalatech.spacemap.spacemap.param.cloud.label=Show cloud
+com.comalatech.spacemap.spacemap.param.cloud.desc=Draw a cloud around parts of the map. It is pretty. Pretty ugly.
 com.comalatech.spacemap.incominglinksmap.label=Incoming Links Mind Map
 com.comalatech.spacemap.incominglinksmap.desc=Creates a Freemind mind map of the links heading into the specified page.
 com.comalatech.spacemap.incominglinksmap.param.navigator.label=Navigator Mode
 com.comalatech.spacemap.incominglinksmap.param.navigator.desc=If checked, links in the map will open another map. If unchecked, links will open the page in a new browser tab.
+com.comalatech.spacemap.incominglinksmap.param.cloud.label=Show cloud
+com.comalatech.spacemap.incominglinksmap.param.cloud.desc=Draw a cloud around parts of the map. It is pretty. Pretty ugly.