HgAssist - repositories are synced!


Using Mercurial we often forget to push commits from our local repository to the central repository.

When we have a large number of repositories, it’s nearly impossible to remember whether our repositories are synchronized, and sometimes we leave central repositories without our latest important changes.

That’s why we made HgAssist.

tray 1

It’s a simple program for Windows, which sits in the notification area and periodically notifies you of how many changes awaiting its push and what repositories they are in. Also, HgAssist will notify of new incoming changes from a central repository.

tray 2


The configuration is available from the context menu after running the application.


Short description of options:

  • Path to HG: a path to hg.exe on your computer
  • Check interval: checking interval
  • Get exact "incoming" number: HgAssist can get the exact number of incoming changes
  • Start on Windows startup: HgAssist will start with Windows automatically

You can add any number of repositories and HgAssist will take care of them.

The program is free and all the sources can be downloaded from bitbucket.

hgAssist requires .NET Framework 4.0.

For the Windows Binary see Downloads.


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