This repository holds the information, structure and design in This is a playground where I play around with some technologies, try to optimize the website with Google Page Speed Insights, or test some gulp scripts.

It's a good excuse to overengineer a CV-website, isn't it? ;-)


It's based on Miniport's theme, by HTML5up.

Why instead of a Boostrap theme? Because it's light and clean, without distractions to start thinking about the content.


The content is generated with Hugo, a very fast, flexible and tuneable static content generator. It's made with go, the first reason I started to play around with it - later I discovered its power and strong community.

The code in this repo is later procesed with a Wercker application. Wercker is another awesome piece of software, a great continous integration and deployment platform, where you can define and create your own steps, or use the community ones. You can check the application setup in wercker.yml.


Do you want some more info about how or why I did some thing on the site? Drop me a line! (the form is connected to by the way, another great piece of software).