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#YAToon Tutorial1 Setting up Aiko4 And then try to toon render Aiko4 using YAToon2.0 (alpha3).

##Before Starting The following files are required for this tutorial

  • Aiko 4 Base(DAZ)
  • Basicwear for V4 Unimesh(DAZ)
  • BO_wasgHair(Outoftouch): get it from Outoftouch's site
  • V4 - Sitting Poses(JLK): get it from ShareCG
  • get it from Downloads
    • Updated Tutorial Data. use instead

First, please Install the Pose files and shaders to be used in the Tutorial

Copy contents of Tutorial1/Data/Runtime in, the Hair, the Pose files to the Poser Runtime registered in Carrara

Copy contents of Tutorial1/Data/Shader in to any of My Shaders folder under the Carrara

Open a new scene in medium size in Carrara, you can drag and drop your Aiko4 in the scene.


Okey, let's start.

##Organization of material This tutorial is not limited to A4, but if you load in the scene of the DAZ Carrara figure, master shader a large amount of shading created for each domain. (???)

Before you start the toon rendering, let's start with this setup.

4th Generation figures will require the following material.

  • Limbs(SkinArm/SkinForeArm/SkinHand/FingerNail/SkinLeg/SkinFoot/ToeNail)
  • Body(SkinHip/SkinTorso/Nipples/SkinNeck/SkinHead)
  • Face(EyeSocket/SkinFace/Lip/Nostril)
  • Eyes(Lacnimal/Sclera/Iris/Pupil)
  • InnerMouth(InnerMouth/Gums/Tangue)
  • Teeth(Teeth)
  • Cornea, reflected light in the eye short(Cornea)
  • Lashes(EyeLashes)
  • Transparent so do not use usually(Tear/Eyebrow)

This offers a monochromatic body shader to use, in addition to this, an option to avoid Nudity is possible

The shaders would now be available in the Shaders->My Shader section. If you have made available the shaders by unzipping the tutorial files, please assign them to the figure domain tree and using the shading elements as below:

  • A4V4Arm
    • Master Shader of Aiko4
    • Master Shader of Aiko4/Model
    • set blank to SkinArm/SkinForeArm/SkinHand/FingerNail/SkinLeg/SkinFoot/ToeNail
  • A4V4Body
    • SkinHip
    • SkinTorso
    • Nipples
    • SkinNeck
    • SkinHead
  • A4V4Face
    • EyeSocket
    • SkinFace
    • Lip
    • Nostril
  • A4V4Eyes
    • Sclera
    • Iris
    • Pupil
  • A4V4Gums
    • InnerMouth
    • Gums
    • Tangue
  • A4V4Teeth
    • Teeth
  • A4V4Cornea
    • Cornea
  • A4V4Lash
    • Eyelashes
  • A4V4Nothing
    • Tear
    • Eyebrow
    • Lacnimal
    • EyeSurface


If you are toon rendering, then Lacrimal gets in the way, so assign A4V4Nothing

In this tutorial, I am assigned to SkinHip / SkinTorso / Nipple the A4V4MonoColor shader for Nudity avoidance

When you are finished setting the shader, select "Remove Unused Shaders" from the Edit menu, please delete the shaders that are no longer needed.

I'll try to render now. It is created with a white Backdrop as it makes it easy to check the drawing later.


So if you are thinking about re-using the character in the future, drag it to the My Object , which would be a good place to keep it, to load A4 (model) in the future with this shader setup

The included shader masks the eyebrows, nipples, eyes, etc., and draws them in using formulas instead, as it may heavy in some environments, in which case, the procedural shaders obj files, etc. Once to export with the option to textured, please use that texture. (???)

##Setting of the painting First, let's set the painting.

###Apply YAToon plugin First, please assign a YAToon2 Lighting Model to all shaders.

At this point, "override Scene / Object Setting" is (should be the OFF by default) Please leave this OFF

Shot4 Shot5

There is a node to select the Aiko4 -> Model from tree instance, after opening the Effects tab called "YAToon2 Object Setting". Set this ON here to "Override Filter Setting". Settings in this node has priority setting in YAToon, versus the shader specific setting.

In order to be able to use the priority function at the same time, the white add YAToon Line Filer from the Filter tab of the Scene (???)

Shot6 Shot9

###Adjustment of Shadow level Try to render the trial at this point


Screen has become so slight overshoot is also shadow, tight by default, reduce to 25 the Shadow Level win, down from 20% to 10% of the default of Ambient Scene tab.

Shot8 Shot10


###Adjustment of Shadow softness It is a good idea to idea to adjust the Shadow softness within the number of objects in the scene is less

Setting to the extent that conflict with the setting of the soft shadows of the light does not come out is desirable

Let's would finish in the shadow buffer rendering fast because it is a tutorial

To 2048x2048/blur size = 0.5/bias = 0.33 the Shadow Buffer, and try to 25 Shadow Softness of Aiko4 this time

Shot12 Shot13


###Adjustment of Specular You can adjust the specular as well as the shadow. By adopting the following settings this time.

Shot15 Shot16

###Using a Shadow Shader In YAToon2.0 later, it is now possible to assign a shader any specular and shadow

Create a new shader called "Common Shadow", and try to shader color red simply

Shot17 Shot18

Set the Reference Shader to Shadow Shader of A4V4Body/A4V4Arm/A4V4Face, in a manner to refer to the "Common Shadow"

Shot19 Shot20

Color of the shadow has changed


I think that is returned to the Shadow Level 100 that you set earlier in 25, to be able to see that as it is a color that you set a shadow color

Shot23 Shot22

It is possible to set any pattern to its alpha, alpha value is the transparency of the shadow as it is Shadow Shader

Let's set the Alpha to Pettern Function of "Common Shadow"

Shot24 Shot25

Pattern joined the shadow

UV of Shadow Shader is the (coordinate system expressed in the 0-1.0 screen coordinates) screen coordinates by default, but you can adjust its density by setting the Shadow UV Density.

Set to 4 Shadow UV Density

Shot26 Shot27

Only 0 has a special meaning, in the case of 0, UV Density reference the object of UV own Shadow UV Density

Shot28 Shot29

By assigning a shader any Specular Shader, you can get the same effect with respect to specular


To 25 Shadow Level, you need to be brought to 4 UV Density experiment when you are done

##Setting of the drawing Second, let's set the drawing.

###Setting Antialias Before attempting to configure a drawing, to 4x the AntiAlias ​​of Line Filter, set to "Best" a, "AntiAlias" to "1pixel" the "Object Accuracy" renderer

Shot32 Shot33

You can get the result AntiAlias ​​4x is good most commonly in YAToon2.0, but because you do not get the correct results with the default settings in the PhotoRealistic renderer, you have to 1x by default.

Please set 0.5pixel less when the 1pixel below Object Accuracy, used in 16x whenever used in the 4x AntiAlias

###Setting the Object Edge In order to draw the contour line of the object itself, turn ON the "Draw Object Edge"


Object boundaries are drawn

###Line Priority and Object Group This time, I've assigned a different material that A4V4MonoColor to SkinTorso such as clothes instead, outline is not drawn to the boundary line of clothes because it is treated as the same object Aiko4

You can use the Object Group in order to solve this problem.

Order to give the drawing its own settings A4V4MonoColor, turn ON the "override scene / object setting" of A4V4MonoColor


Set of drawing other than because I want the same as Aiko4 whole setting, click the "Copy Setting From Object" button to copy the settings of Aiko4/Model


Object settings have been copied


For simplicity be set to 1 Object Group, line settings have taken a different setting, you can change the line color

Shot38 Shot39

Since the boundary line of the body and clothes, boundary line is drawn to both the side and clothes side, borders are visible thick. In some cases, there is no problem, but it will use the Line Prioriy in order to solve this problem this time.

The boundary line between the objects "Draw Object Edge" is turned ON, the line is drawn to both, line is drawn only for those Line Priority is high if it is different if Line Priority of each the same

LinePriority00 LinePriority01
Sphere=Priority 0 Sphere=Priority 0
Cube=Priority 0 Cube=Priority 1

To to 1 Line Priority clothes side (A4V4MonoColor) Shot40


Boundary line was drawn only on the side of the clothes

###Setting the Normal Edge By rendering Turn ON the "Draw Normal Edge" of Aiko4

Shot42 Shot43

If Aiko4, the sensitivity of the ridge line judgment is too high at 15 degrees of default, I can lower it a bit. To 25 degrees this time

Shot44 Shot45

It was quite refreshing, but the ridge of the nose has disappeared now

Because the default shape of Aiko4 is not in the form of Toon premise, It occurs because ridge of nose dull

To remedy this, you can adjust a little morphs Aiko4

Now that we've set any morph to make the edges of the nose to in, and this INJ

Apply "Poses/YAToon Tutorial1/INJ-NoseEdge" to Aiko4


Because it is a morph made ​​in suitable, it would be good at about 0.3 edge is too strong maybe 1.0

In addition, in order to clear the nasal cavity, and then to 1.0 NoseTriangle

Shot46 Shot47 Shot48

###Adjustment of the Eye line If you leave now, eye line is too thick

This is the nature of the Normal Edge, line is because spread toward the side of the face and both side of the eye

In order to avoid this, let's badly handle as an object of another eye with the Object Group

In order to separately set the A4V4Eyes, Turn ON the override of A4V4Eyes, and then copy the object set in the Copy Setting button


Set the Object Group 2 of A4V4Eyes, turn OFF the Draw Object Edge, and then to 1 Line Priority

Set the Shadow Level 50 is also similarly



Eye line is clearly

###Adjustment of the Line Color You can adjust the Transparency and Line Color to finish last

Can be configured as follows: this time

In addition, it also performed set of clothes at the same time side

Shot49 Shot51


##Hair Setting of the body so packed roughly, let's conform the hair

Originally, if you want to toon rendering, those with hair of non-transparent map but is good compatibility, Use the transparent map hair dare this time

###Setting up You do not have to have hair, but use the "wasg Hair" that is available on free because there

Get it from Outoftouch's site


You need to manually match this hair do not have a A4Fit. It will fit in this much about


This hair is also divided into material shading each domain, but suffice so long wh_cap and wh_side

is set to master shader wh_side, you may want to remove other than wh_cap


Assign the YAToon2 Lighting Model as well as to Aiko4 wh_cap and this wh_side


On the "Override object/Filter setting" of wasgHair same as Aiko4


The fill setting aside, now set at 25 Shadow Level and Shadow Softness


###Relationship between Line Prioriy and Transparency Now Draw an Object Edge up ON the attempt to render the

Shot57 Shot58

Outrageous in boundary determination has been

This is "Line the Priority is the same object is any object through the transparent and reflection lines are drawn" a specification based on

Specifications provided to draw a line on an object visible through the glass. Line pull this time, so leave the high hair Line Priority

Shot63 Shot64

Became better, but it is object boundary detection in still looks pretty short position

Sets the Object Alpha Edge to improve this

###Object Alpha Edge settings

Object Alpha Edge is 50% by default, so much shorter than it looks at it is object boundary detection

Lowering the Object Alpha Edge settings, determine the boundary objects in place

Seems this hair for 30% an appropriate setting. Human-readable boundary is temporarily "Ignore Alpha" ON a try

Shot57 Shot58

"Ignore Alpha" you off after determining the value

Shot57 Shot58

###OverDraw setting Try the "OverDraw" eyebrows and eyes penetrate through the hair

on A4V4Lash after wasgHair "Accept OverDraw" ON the material for the first in the "OverDraw" and then the Line Priority higher than the hair

Shot63 Shot64

A4V4Eyes, at the same time leave the adjustment of the Line Color and Line Transparency


A4V4Cornea, simultaneously on the Cornea to draw a line, so even higher than the first Priority set, Draw an Object Edge ON the Object Edge Width, 0.50


Ignoring the Z value to render in this setting, and the eyes and lashes will penetrate the hair


###Eyebrows OverDraw (MultiChannel Mixer combination) Aiko4 not to OverDraw the face material ON simple because no independent material for the eyebrows

So, using MultiChannel Mixer material two YAToon Lighting Model splits into

ON to override individual settings for A4V4Face, and copy the settings from Aiko4/Model


Copy the following A4V4Face YAToon Lighting Model


Next, give the MultiChannel Mixer Top Shader


Paste the copied LightingModel to source 1 and Source 2

Shot71 Shot71

Material between the eyebrows is located in the Blender for the Color channels, so copy it, paste the MultiChannel Mixer Blender

Shot71 Shot71

Treated this independent eyebrows just Lighting Model

Since there is no override on the side of the face (Source 1) turn OFF the


Eyebrows side (Source 2) overDraw ON and off, Draw Object Edge/Draw Depth Edge and then set higher than the hair Line Prioriy


Eyebrows were Pierce


Is a very important technique in MultiChannel Mixer in the material into Lighting Model other

Feel free to adjust the border, into applying this second skin mask in different Lighting Model

As well be split just the areas you want to change the normal Edge-line setting, exclusively to another can be applied

###HairLight Shader wasgHair contains a pure specular texture standard MAT there needs to be more strident in the anime picture pseudo specular

So YAToon2 HairLight Shader assigned to Grow channel wh_side

Shot72 Shot72

Adjust according to taste, but this time set in the value of the above


##Overall coordination of the line Let's go through the whole set of

###Thinning (Line Scale Factor) But I went with 1 pixel line width settings are all If you want more fine lines, anti-aliasing settings 4x up to 0.5 pixels, 16 x at any pixel of 0.25 lines specified is possible

Can change the line width setting of all material objects, there is the option to change the line width setting of the entire Line Filter in

In the Filter tab of the scene "Line Scale Factor" Let's 0.5

Shot72 Shot72

All lines are now slim

However, so you come out if you draw the lines of 1 pixel less than just computational error lines are dirty and tend to

Line less than one pixel, it must, if will be slightly better to AntiAlias the Line Filter settings and

To use the AntiAlias at 16 x, the renderer Object Accuracy 0.5 pixels sure

Shot72 Shot72


However, how to enlarge if you want less than 1 pixel thin lines, rendering, render the image is reduced in size is much more beautiful

If line Scale factor 1.0 rendering reduced size to 2 x (1280 x 960) after it is rendered, in GIMP to 640 x 480

Shot72 Shot72


If the line Scale Factor is 2.0, render size in multiples of 4 (2560 x 1920) after it is rendered, in GIMP 640 x 480 was reduced to (Require 6 GB of memory so may not render in 32-bit environments )

Shot72 Shot72


Not to mention how beautiful, right?

###Depth queing Now in relatively close to camera with 1 pixel line width is just supposed to set good, but camera distance, and may look strange in this line width


In this case, set the "Depth Queing"

Adjusts the "Depth Queing", depending on the distance from the camera, Depth Cue Start starts the decay width of the Depth Cue Center just half the line width at a distance twice the distance to the Center from the Start of the thinnest line possible so that


Depth queing settings is through the Line Filter tab


Depth Cue Center with Depth Cue Start in the above set, but seems to be fairly difficult to set it manually, so use the "Center"/"Set Start From an Object From Object Set" button located below the settings slider better

Select the first camera in high enough has come in the middle of the screen, and click the "Set Start From Object" "Aiko4/Neck"


21 Was set in this example Shot72

Moving the camera position, and make sure in rendering, while in line width is half of, "Set Center From Object" button, and then select the object as well as


89 Was set in this example Shot72

On the attempt to render "Line Depth Cueing" configuration is completed, so

Shot72 Shot72

The thinner lines will generate, you'll see a thin line at the back of


Can pull in the background

If you want to improve "Depth queing" raise anti-aliasing is enabled

AntiAlias 16x


As described in the "thinning", who shrank after raising the Line Scale Factor, rendered in a larger size is more efficient

Line Scale Factor=4.0 Render Size=2560x1920 to 640x480


##Dress up We'll dress Unimesh Basic Wear for the time being if you have Aiko4 anyone would have

Shot72 Shot72

Assign A4V4Body dressed as SkinTorso/SkinHip/Nipple shader



###Organize materials BasicWear swimwear has the Cloth/Trim/Ring 3 materials, since this is common Top/Bottom

Shot72 Shot72

Integrate these

Shot72 Shot72

###Painting Cloth/Trim/Ring integrated with the Lighting Model, on the Top and Bottom object Data override


Shot72 Shot72

After setting the top Shadow Level/Shadow Softness/Specular Edge/Specular Softness, use the button "Copy Setting to Other" Bottom set copies

Shot72 Shot72


Dark Color cloth because of maps set to pink and then to refer "Common Shadow" Shadow Shader "Reference Shader"


Set the Top and Botton Shadow level to 50, Shadow UV Density to 4

Shot72 Shot72


###Drawing Top Line color dark because the Pink Line Priority 1, Draw an Object Edge/Draw Normal Edge ON the Normal Edge Degree Line Transparency, 12 50 to, copy the settings to the Bottom

Shot72 Shot72


##Background and Posing Then put the background

Just because it is tutorial simple primitives and configure the background

###Floor "Infinite Plane" choose from the toolbar and drop it in the scene, floor and name change new shader, the floor and named the shader

Shot72 Shot72

set the floor shader choose Bricks from the Wizard



The cobblestone is too large the scale 20 %




So are you going to select cylinder from the toolbar, in the scene intact instead of a stool to suitably adjusts the size

Shot72 Shot72

Stool and then rename, create a shader with the same name, choose "Blue-Grey Marble" from the Wizard

Shot72 Shot72

YAToon2 Lighting Model, assign shader stool


override ON, Shadow Level 50, Draw Object Edge/Draw Normal Edge ON


###Atmosphere Scene backdrop with None Atmosphere at Realistic Sky, choose from presets "Carribean Sky"

Shot72 Shot72


###Posing This time Josephine "V4-Sitting Pose" JLK's work

Get it from ShareCG ant Install them

"Poses/!Portraut Studio/V4-Sitting", "07a" pose, apply


adjust the position, under the parent Aiko4 stool

Shot72 Shot72



Select the Cube from the toolbar, put in the scene, and then adjust the size, instead the wall

Shot72 Shot72 Shot72

Rename it the "Wall", And Create a master shader with the same name


wizard choose Platinum, set the Wall Shader and assign YAToon2 Lighting Model




Reflection could express

Set Wall now and too clear reflection becomes difficult to distinguish whether or not a reflection

Then wall color just a little bit.



To draw a line to the border of the floor and Wall, Wall shader orveride ON, Draw Object Edge ON



Floors and boundaries in addition to stool and Aiko during border will be drawn

Then lower the Wall Line Priority to -1

Scene of the default Line Priority is 0, so not crossed to the Wall and -1 is the Priority Line, so the less enough Line the Priority Line filter

Shot72 Shot72


###And More Select Sphere from the toolbar, in the scene size-adjusted, shader wall sets

Shot72 Shot72 Shot72


Because in the sphere and Wall borders are lines drawn on both a heavier line gone.

Therefore, Wall shader Object Edge Width to 0.25



Now does not mean a line width of 0.25, but keep this because it has implications for the raised Line Scale Factor that final render

##Fine Tuning Finally enters the nudge towards the final render

###Camera and Pose Camera portrait orientation 38 mm (the same as the default Poser)


Adjust the angle of the Head, REye, LEye and the fixes here to face

Shot72 Shot72 Shot72

Here was the final camera position



###Morphs Adjust the head morph of Aiko4

Following is a cel-when Aiko4 Head morph larger meaning with

* Aiko4
* Realistic
* Stylized
* American
* NoseTriangle
* EyesGumdrop
* EyesShape1
* EyesShape2
* IrisHuge

Make a favorite look, to adjust these

I put a Sample Faces some during the


This time use the Sample1



##Done! Last Line Scale factor 3.0 final render at 2560 x 1920 and then shrinks to 640 x 480