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= 0.1.1 =
    * Add run-time language switch support.
    * Add enabledService={pop3secured,imapsecured,managesievesecured}.
    * Add new translation: vi_VN (Vietnamese), zh_CN, zh_TW.
    * Fixed: use 'ENINGE=' instead of 'TYPE='. Thanks peterpp @forum.
    * Show accountStatus image while view/update account profile.
    * Add ou=Externals by default.
    * Show correct http error 404 page.
    * Convert new account name to lower case.
    * Fix incorrect maildir path: missing '/'.
    * Add French translation. Thanks Mael Lesaout (mael.lesaout@gmail).
    * Show multiple values of phone number (telephoneNumber).
    * Show user id while list users.
    * Ability to modify user id (employeeNumber).
    * Fix issue while submit empty display name (cn).

= 0.1 =
    * Initiaize release.