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 = 0.1.1 =
     * Fixed: use 'ENINGE=' instead of 'TYPE='. Thanks peterpp @forum.
-    * Better typo while showing accountStatus.
     * Show accountStatus image while view/update account profile.
     * Add ou=Externals by default.
-    * Fix http error 404 page.
+    * Show correct http error 404 page.
     * Convert new account name to lower case.
     * Fix incorrect maildir path: missing '/'.
     * Add French translation. Thanks Mael Lesaout (mael.lesaout@gmail).


 # Default password scheme: SSHA, PLAIN.
 # SSHA is recommended.
 default_pw_scheme = SSHA
-# Size limit.
-sizelimit = 500


             {# Header #}
             <div id="brd-head" class="gen-content">
                 <p class="options">
-                    <span>{{ _("Logged in as <strong>%s</strong>." |format(session.get('username'))) }}</span>
+                    <span>{{ _("Logged in as %s." |format(session.get('username'))) }}</span>
                     <span><a href="{{ctx.homepath}}/profile/admin/general/{{session.get('username')}}">{{ _('Preferences') }}</a></span>
                     <span><a href="{{ctx.homepath}}/logout">{{ _('Logout') }}</a></span>
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