Zhang Huangbin committed 0d46556

Use ldap.dn.escape_dn_chars to escape invalid chars while converting keyword to dn.

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 import web
 import ldap
-from ldap.dn import escape_dn_chars
 # Used for user auth.
 def Auth(uri, dn, password, session=web.config.get('_session')):
-        dn = escape_dn_chars(web.safestr(dn.strip()))
+        dn = web.safestr(dn.strip())
         password = password.strip()
         # Detect STARTTLS support.


 from base64 import b64encode
 import web
 import ldap
+from ldap.dn import escape_dn_chars
 from libs import iredutils, settings
 from libs.ldaplib import attrs
 def convKeywordToDN(keyword, accountType='user'):
     '''Convert keyword and account type to DN.'''
     keyword = web.safestr(keyword).strip().replace(' ', '')
+    keyword = escape_dn_chars(keyword)
     accountType == web.safestr(accountType)
     # No matter what account type is, try to get a domain name.