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     return jinja_env.get_template(template_name).render(context)
-class sessionExpired(web.HTTPError):
+class SessionExpired(web.HTTPError):
     def __init__(self, message):
         message = web.seeother('/login?msg=SESSION_EXPIRED')
         web.HTTPError.__init__(self, '303 See Other', {}, data=message)
 # Logger. Logging into SQL database.
-def logIntoSQL(msg, admin='', domain='', username='', event='', loglevel='info',):
+def log_into_sql(msg, admin='', domain='', username='', event='', loglevel='info',):
         if admin == '':
             admin = session.get('username', '')
+            timestamp=iredutils.getGMTTime(),
     except Exception:
 # Log error message. default log to sys.stderr.
-def logError(*args):
+def log_error(*args):
     for s in args:
             print >> sys.stderr, web.safestr(s)
 # Store objects in 'web' module. = app
 web.render = render_template
-web.logger = logIntoSQL
-web.logError = logError
-web.session.SessionExpired = sessionExpired
+web.logger = log_into_sql
+web.log_error = log_error
+web.session.SessionExpired = SessionExpired


                         {% if session.get('domainGlobalAdmin') is sameas true %}
                             <td class="checkbox"><input type="checkbox" name="id" value="{{ }}" class="checkbox" /></td>
                         {% endif %}
-                        <td style="white-space: nowrap;">{{ log.timestamp |setDatetimeFormat }}</td>
+                        <td style="white-space: nowrap;">{{ log.timestamp |setDatetimeFormat |convert_utc_to_timezone }}</td>
                         <td><a href="{{ctx.homepath}}/profile/admin/general/{{ log.admin |e }}">{{ log.admin |e }}</a></td>
                         <td>{{ log.ip |e }}</td>
                         <td class="{{ log.event |e }}_{{ log.loglevel |e }}">{{ log.msg |e }}</td>
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