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Add ou=Externals by default.

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 = 0.1.1 =
+    * Add ou=Externals by default.
     * Fix http error 404 page.
     * Convert new account name to lower case.
     * Fix incorrect maildir path: missing '/'.

File libs/ldaplib/

 DOMAIN_FILTER = '(objectClass=mailDomain)'
 # Default groups which will be created while create a new domain.
-DEFAULT_GROUPS = ['Users', 'Groups', 'Aliases',]    # Don't list unicode str here.
+# WARNING: Don't use unicode str here.
+DEFAULT_GROUPS = ['Users', 'Groups', 'Aliases', 'Externals',]
         # Normal attributes.

File templates/default/ldap/login.html

             <div class="frm-group">
                 <div class="sf-set">
                     <div class="sf-box text required">
-                        <label><span>{{ _('Username')}} <em>{{ _('(Required)')}}</em></span><small>{{ _('Must be a valid email address.') }}</small></label><br />
+                        <label><span>{{ _('Username')}} <em>{{ _('(Required)')}}</em></span><small>{{ _('Must be a valid domain admin email address.') }}</small></label><br />
                         <span class="fld-input"><input type="text" name="username" size="35" /></span>