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    * Use MySQLdb directly for SQL related operations. Avoid 'too many
      connections' issue.
    * Fixed incorrect policy name in plugin '':
      allowedOnly -> allowedonly (convert to lower case).

    * Fix incorrect ldap search scope in plugin 'ldap_maillist_access_policy'.

    * Bypass sender if it's under domainAliasName when access policy is
      'domain' or 'subdomain'. Thanks Alvin Chen <zhhchen@>.
    * New option for iredapd-rr: bypass_mynetworks. Used to bypass mails sent
      from postfix mynetworks.
    * Bypass user alias addresses (shadowAddress) if user is allowed to send
      to mail list. Thanks Henri Veldsink for his feedback and testing.
    * Allow to use same logging hander in plugins, print plugin debug message.
    * Query user aliases as allowed sender.
    * Print error message if plugin module doesn't exist.

    * Fix bug in src/plugins-rr/ Thanks
      avrajesh@forum for his/her feedback.
    * Set default umask to 0077. Thanks rizkiwicaksono@forum.
    * New parameter: run_as_user. Used to force running iRedAPD as a low
      privileged user. Thanks rizkiwicaksono@forum.

    * Fix bypassing whitelisted sender issue in plugin:
      block_amavisd_blacklisted_senders. Thanks HoHo for his report.

    * Fix defective sender address list in plugin:
    * Fix incorrect recipient address in plugin: ldap_recipient_restrictions.

    * Ability to bypass or block centain domains or users in OpenLDAP backend.
      WARNING: This feature requires at least iRedMail-0.6.0.
    * Ability to handle policy 'subdomain'. Bypass if sender is under same
      domain or sub domains.
    * Ability to handle policy 'membersAndAllowedOnly'.
    * Support MySQL backend.
    * Add rc script for FreeBSD.

    * Change default action to 'DUNNO', so that we won't miss any email while
      incorrect config.
    * Add handle of LDAP quering of non exist recipient. Thanks Bill Holt for
      his report.
    * Prepend 'action=' only one time.

    * Fix incorrect member list, return all instead of one the first one.
    * Don't ignore external mail list members.

    * Fix incorrect ps parameter on FreeBSD.

    * Support plugins.

    * Fixed: return moderator list instead of the first one.
    * Fixed: remove accountStatus and enabledService in filter.
      mail list doesn't use it.

    * Initialize version.