Zhang Huangbin avatar Zhang Huangbin committed 21cf0f3

Use 'OK' instead of 'DUNNO' for whitelisted senders.

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 __author__ = 'Zhang Huangbin <zhb@iredmail.org>'
 __version__ = '1.3.7'
-SMTP_ACTIONS = {'accept': 'DUNNO',
+SMTP_ACTIONS = {'accept': 'OK',
                 'defer': 'DEFER_IF_PERMIT Service temporarily unavailable',
                 'reject': 'REJECT Not authorized',
                 'default': 'DUNNO',


 PLUGIN_NAME = 'block_amavisd_blacklisted_senders'
+from libs import SMTP_ACTIONS
 def restriction(smtpSessionData, ldapRecipientLdif, logger, **kargs):
     # Get sender address.
     sender = smtpSessionData.get('sender').lower()
     # Bypass whitelisted senders.
     if len(valid_amavisd_senders & wlSenders) > 0:
-        return 'DUNNO Whitelisted'
+        return SMTP_ACTIONS['accept']
     # Reject blacklisted senders.
     if len(valid_amavisd_senders & blSenders) > 0:
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