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+* Use python file as config file instead of .ini
+* Merge iredapd.py and iredapd-rr.py
+* Query required LDAP attributes instead of all
+* Query required SQL columns instead of all
+* Plugins:
+    + Greylisting (server-wide and per-user, per-domain)
+    + White/Blacklisting (server-wide and per-domain)

File src/iredapd.py

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     from libs.sqllib import SQLModeler as Modeler
     plugins = cfg.get('sql', 'plugins', '')
-    sys.exit('Invalid backend. It should be ldap, mysql or pgsql.')
+    sys.exit('Invalid backend, it must be ldap, mysql or pgsql.')
 from libs import __version__, SMTP_ACTIONS
         ip, port = localaddr
-        logging.info("Starting iredapd (v%s, %s). Enabled plugin(s): %s. Listening on %s:%d." %
-                (__version__, backend, plugins, ip, port))
+        logging.info("Starting iRedAPD (v%s, %s)." % (__version__, backend))
+        logging.info("Enabled plugin(s): %s." % (plugins))
+        logging.info("Listening on %s:%d." % (ip, port))
     def handle_accept(self):
         conn, remote_addr = self.accept()