iredapd / libs / ldaplib /

Diff from to


-                    recipient_search_attrlist=[],
-                   ):
+                    recipient_search_attrlist=[]):
         # No sender or recipient in smtp session.
         if not 'sender' in smtp_session_data or \
-           not 'recipient' in smtp_session_data:
+                not 'recipient' in smtp_session_data:
             return SMTP_ACTIONS['default']
         # Not a valid email address.
                          'sender_dn': None,
                          'sender_ldif': None,
                          'recipient_dn': None,
-                         'recipient_ldif': None,
-                        }
+                         'recipient_ldif': None}
         # TODO Perform addition plugins which don't require sender/recipient info
         # e.g.
-        #   - enforce TLS: encryption_protocol=TLSv1/SSLv3
+        #   - security enforce: encryption_protocol=TLSv1/SSLv3
         for plugin in plugins:
             # Get LDIF data of sender if required
             if plugin.REQUIRE_LOCAL_SENDER \
-               and plugin_kwargs['sender_dn'] is None:
+                    and plugin_kwargs['sender_dn'] is None:
                 sender_dn, sender_ldif = conn_utils.get_account_ldif(
             # Get LDIF data of recipient if required
             if plugin.REQUIRE_LOCAL_RECIPIENT \
-               and plugin_kwargs['recipient_dn'] is None:
+                    and plugin_kwargs['recipient_dn'] is None:
                 recipient_dn, recipient_ldif = conn_utils.get_account_ldif(
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