iredapd / INSTALL

- Requirements:

    # Python >= 2.4:
    # python-ldap:

- Install iredapd.

    - Install required python modules:

        # easy_install python-ldap

    - Copy iredapd to /opt:

        # cp -rf iredapd-x.y.z /opt/
        # ln -s /opt/iredapd-x.y.z /opt/iredapd
        # chmod +x /opt/iredapd/src/

    - Copy necessary rc script:

        # cp /opt/iredapd/rc_scripts/iredapd /etc/init.d/iredapd
        # chmod +x /etc/init.d/iredapd

- Run iredapd:

    # /etc/init.d/iredapd start

- Postfix configuration:

    In postfix, modify 'smtpd_recipient_restrictions' setting:

        smtpd_recipient_restrictions =
            reject_unauth_destination,                  # First
            check_policy_service inet:,   # Second
            permit_sasl_authenticated,                  # Third

        - iRedMail has 'permit_sasl_authenticated' in front of
          'reject_unauth_destination' by default, you must swap them.
        - 'check_policy_service inet:' MUST stay in
          front of 'permit_sasl_authenticated'.
        - Restart postfix to make it work.

- Access policies:
    - public        # Unrestricted.
    - domain        # Restricted to users under same domain.
    - membersOnly    # Only members are allowed.
    - allowedOnly   # Only allowed addresses are allowed.
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