iredapd /

# Listen address and port.
listen_address = ''
listen_port = 7777

# Run as a low privileged user.
# If you don't want to create one, you can try 'nobody'.
run_as_user = 'iredapd'

# Background/daemon mode: True, False.
# Run iRedAPD as daemon, detach iredapd from terminal.
run_as_daemon = True

# Path to pid file.
pid_file = '/var/run/'

# Log type: file.
# Set 'log_file = /dev/null' if you don't want to keep the log.
log_type = 'file'
log_file = '/var/log/iredapd.log'

# Log level: info, debug.
log_level = 'info'

# Backend: ldap, mysql, pgsql.
backend = 'ldap'

# Enabled plugins.
#   - Plugin name is file name which placed under 'plugins/' directory.
#   - Plugin names MUST be seperated by comma.
plugins = ['ldap_maillist_access_policy', 'ldap_amavisd_block_blacklisted_senders']

# For ldap backend.
# LDAP server setting.
# Uri must starts with ldap:// or ldaps:// (TLS/SSL).
# Tip: You can get binddn, bindpw from /etc/postfix/ldap_*.cf.
ldap_uri    = 'ldap://'
ldap_basedn = 'o=domains,dc=iredmail,dc=org'
ldap_binddn = 'cn=vmail,dc=iredmail,dc=org'
ldap_bindpw = 'mRAEWpGRtlCs1O0QuWpXoaJ36EjRql'

# For MySQL and PostgreSQL backends.
sql_server      = ''
sql_port        = '3306'
sql_db          = 'vmail'
sql_user        = 'vmail'
sql_password    = 'Psaf68wsuVctYSbj4PJzRqmFsE0rlQ'
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