iredapd / README

# About

* iRedAPD is a simple Postfix policy server.
* iRedAPD is a part of iRedMail project.

Available plugins:

* `ldap_maillist_access_policy`: Check user's rights to post messages to mail list which builtin in iRedMail OpenLDAP solution.
* `amavisd_block_blacklisted_senders`: Used for per-user sender whitelist and blacklist.
* `ldap_recipient_restrictions`: Used for per-user recipient whitelist and blacklist.

# Authors & Contributors

* Zhang Huangbin <zhb @>: Core developer and maintainer.

# License

iRedAPD is based on [mlapd]( which released
under GPL v2, so iRedAPD is GPL v2 too.

Note: file libs/ is released under its own license (BSD-style
license), shipped for easy deployment.

# Requirments

* [Python]( >= 2.4
* [python-ldap]( >= 2.2.0. Required for OpenLDAP backend
* [python-mysql]( >= 1.2.0. Required for MySQL backend.
* [python-psycopg2]( >= 2.1.0. Required for PostgreSQL backend.

# Document

* [Install iRedAPD for OpenLDAP backend](
* [Install iRedAPD for MySQL backend](

* [iRedMail documentations](
* [Postfix SMTP Access Policy Delegation](
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