iredapd / README

Authors & Contributors

Zhang Huangbin ( Core developer and maintainer


iRedAPD is a Mailing List Access Policyd Daemon which works as a
Postfix Policy Access Delegation deamon and uses LDAP to store access 


iRedAPD is based on mlapd ( which is a
GPLv2 licensed open source software, so iRedAPD is released under
the same license - GPLv2.

Note: file src/ is released under its own license, shipped
here for easy deploying.


* Python ( >= 2.4 )
* python-ldap ( >= 2.2.0 )

Postfix and LDAP are not needed on the same server machine where you
are going to install iRedAPD, but they have to be reached by iRedAPD to
make it working!
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