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Please visit
to read converted documents in HTML format, get support in our forum:


All documents are published under Creative Commons License.

How to translate and contribute

  • Create a new directory and name it to the short language code. for example:
    • de_DE for German
    • zh_CN for Chinese
  • Add file [xx_XX]/ with the full name of the language. for example:
    • English in en_US/
    • Deutsch in de_DE/
    • 简体中文 in zh_CN/
  • Copy the markdown document you want to translate to new language directory,
    create the same sub-directory as original document. For example, to
    translate en_US/howto/ to Chinese, please create
    directory zh_CN/howto/ and copy to zh_CN/howto/
    (with same file name).
  • Translate the file and send a pull request.

If you found something wrong, even just a grammar error or spelling mistake,
please don't hesitate to send us a pull request or
contact us to fix it.