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This folder contains all translations for the latest iRedAdmin-Pro.
You can simply copy them to iRedAdmin-Pro folder 'i18n/', then restart Apache to use them.

New and updated translations (March 14, 2013):

    + Serbian (Latin, sr_LT). Thanks Robert Bogdan <rbogdan _at_>.
    + Slovenian (sl_SI). Thanks Marko Kobal <marko.kobal _at_>.
    + French (fr_FR). Thanks Shafeek Sumser <shafeeks _at_>.
    + Portuguese (Brazilian, pt_BR). Thanks Wendell Martins Borges <perlporter _at_>.
    + Finnish (fi_FI). Thanks Teemu Harjula <teemu.harjula _at_>.
    + Itilian (it_IT). Thanks Nicolas Cauchie <nicolas _at_>, Riccardo Raggi <riccardo _at_>, and Alberto
      Baudacci <a.baudacci _at_>.
    + Netherlands (nl_NL). Thanks Luc Verhoeven <lverhoeven _at_>.
    + German (de_DE). Thanks Ivo Schindler <ivo.schindler _at_>,
      and Martin <info _at_>.
    + Czech (cs_CZ). Thanks Roman Pudil <roman _at_>.