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Zhang Huangbin  committed 0faa41b

Fix last commit: IREDMAIL_MIRROR.

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 # Where to fetch/store binary packages and source tarball.
-export IREDMAIL_MIRROR="${IREDMAIL_MIRROR:=http://iredmail.org}/yum"
+export IREDMAIL_MIRROR="${IREDMAIL_MIRROR:=http://iredmail.org}"
 export PKG_DIR="${ROOTDIR}/pkgs"
 export MISC_DIR="${ROOTDIR}/misc"
     ECHO_INFO "Fetching source tarballs ..."
     for i in ${MISCLIST}; do
-        url="${IREDMAIL_MIRROR}/misc/${i}"
+        url="${IREDMAIL_MIRROR}/yum/misc/${i}"
         ECHO_INFO "+ ${misc_count} of ${misc_total}: ${url}"
         ${FETCH_CMD} "${url}"