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Mark extra/ as deprecated.

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File extra/

 # Source functions.
 . ${CONF_DIR}/global
-. ${CONF_DIR}/functions
 . ${CONF_DIR}/core
 # Source configurations.
+cat <<EOF
+This script is deprecated. To reinstall iRedMail,  please consider reinstalling
+server OS then reinstall iRedMail instead, this is the best way.
+================== WARNING =================
+This script will remove below data without addition confirm, please make sure
+you want to do this:
+- System accounts created by iRedMail. e.g. vmail, iredapd, iredadmin.
+- Binary packages installed by iRedMail. e.g. Apache, MySQL, Dovecot.
+- SQL database. e.g. MySQL database.
+- Config files and other directories/files created by installed software.
+================== WARNING =================
+read -p "Do you really want to do this? Please type YES to continue. " confirm
+if [ X"${confirm}" != X'YES' ]; then
+    echo "Exit."
+    exit 255