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     # Port directory
     export PORT_WRKDIRPREFIX='/usr/ports'
-    if [ -f /etc/make.conf ]; then
-        port_dir="$(grep WRKDIRPREFIX /etc/make.conf 2>/dev/null | awk '{print $2}')"
-        [ ! -z ${port_dir} ] && export PORT_WRKDIRPREFIX="${port_dir}"
-    fi
     # Service control.
     export enable_service="enable_service_freebsd"


         ECHO_DEBUG "Setting password for MySQL admin (${MYSQL_ROOT_USER})."
         mysqladmin --user=root password "${MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWD}"
-        ECHO_DEBUG "Grant access privilege from ${LOCAL_ADDRESS} ..."
+        ECHO_DEBUG "Grant access privilege to ${MYSQL_ROOT_USER}@${LOCAL_ADDRESS} ..."
         mysql -u${MYSQL_ROOT_USER} <<EOF
 -- Set root password
 USE mysql;
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