Zhang Huangbin committed 89dab7b

* Disallow all in /robots.txt.
* Remove duplicate aliases in Apache config files.
Thanks marcovaldo <> in our forum.

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     backup_file ${HTTPD_DOCUMENTROOT}/robots.txt
     cat >> ${HTTPD_DOCUMENTROOT}/robots.txt <<EOF
 User-agent: *
-Disallow: /mail
-Disallow: /webmail
-Disallow: /roundcube
-Disallow: /phpldapadmin
-Disallow: /ldap
-Disallow: /mysql
-Disallow: /phpmyadmin
-Disallow: /awstats
-Disallow: /iredadmin
+Disallow: /
     # Add alias for Apache daemon user


     cat > ${HTTPD_CONF_DIR}/roundcubemail.conf <<EOF
 # Note: Please refer to ${HTTPD_SSL_CONF} for SSL/TLS setting.
-Alias /webmail "${RCM_HTTPD_ROOT_SYMBOL_LINK}/"
-Alias /roundcube "${RCM_HTTPD_ROOT_SYMBOL_LINK}/"
+#Alias /mail "${RCM_HTTPD_ROOT_SYMBOL_LINK}/"
     Options -Indexes
     # Make Roundcube can be accessed via HTTPS.
     perl -pi -e 's#^(</VirtualHost>)#Alias /mail "$ENV{RCM_HTTPD_ROOT_SYMBOL_LINK}/"\n${1}#' ${HTTPD_SSL_CONF}
-    perl -pi -e 's#^(</VirtualHost>)#Alias /webmail "$ENV{RCM_HTTPD_ROOT_SYMBOL_LINK}/"\n${1}#' ${HTTPD_SSL_CONF}
-    perl -pi -e 's#^(</VirtualHost>)#Alias /roundcube "$ENV{RCM_HTTPD_ROOT_SYMBOL_LINK}/"\n${1}#' ${HTTPD_SSL_CONF}
     # Redirect home page to webmail by default
     backup_file ${HTTPD_DOCUMENTROOT}/index.html
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