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File iRedMail/tools/backup_mysql.sh

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 # Multiple databases MUST be seperated by SPACE.
 # Your iRedMail server might have below databases:
 # mysql, roundcubemail, policyd (or postfixpolicyd), amavisd, iredadmin
-export DATABASES='mysql roundcubemail policyd amavisd iredadmin'
+export DATABASES='mysql vmail roundcubemail policyd amavisd iredadmin'
 # Database character set for ALL databases.
 # Note: Currently, it doesn't support to specify character set for each databases.
+    # Check whether database exists or not
     ${CMD_MYSQL} -u"${MYSQL_USER}" -p"${MYSQL_PASSWD}" -e "use ${db}" &>/dev/null
     if [ X"$?" == X'0' ]; then

File iRedMail/tools/backup_pgsql.sh

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 for db in ${DATABASES}; do
-    # Verify db existence
+    # Check whether database exists or not
     su - "${PGSQL_SYS_USER}" -c "psql -d ${db} -c '\q' >/dev/null 2>&1"
     # Dump