Zhang Huangbin  committed bc99265

Fixed: incorrect quota dict name in dovecot quota warning script.

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File iRedMail/ChangeLog

           Required by iRedAdmin-Pro self-service.
     * Fixed:
+        - Incorrect quota dict name in Dovecot quota warning script.
         - Decrease number of pre-forked Amavisd processes to 4 to reduce
           memory usage.
         - Add missing SQL column (mailbox.enableindexer-worker) and LDAP

File iRedMail/samples/dovecot/

 # Use "plugin/quota=maildir:User quota:noenforcing" for maildir quota.
-cat << EOF | PH_DOVECOT_DELIVER -d ${USER} -o "plugin/quota=dict:User quota::noenforcing:proxy::quota"
-From: no-reply@PH_HOSTNAME
+cat << EOF | PH_DOVECOT_DELIVER -d ${USER} -o "plugin/quota=dict:User quota::noenforcing:proxy::quotadict"
+From: no-reply@$(hostname -f)
 Subject: Warning: Your mailbox is now ${PERCENT}% full.
 Your mailbox is now ${PERCENT}% full, please clean up some mails for further incoming mails.
 # Send a copy to postmaster@ if mailbox is greater than or equal to 95% full.
 if [ ${PERCENT} -ge 95 ]; then
     DOMAIN="$(echo ${USER} | awk -F'@' '{print $2}')"
-    cat << EOF | PH_DOVECOT_DELIVER -d postmaster@${DOMAIN} -o "plugin/quota=dict:User quota::noenforcing:proxy::quota"
-From: no-reply@PH_HOSTNAME
+    cat << EOF | PH_DOVECOT_DELIVER -d postmaster@${DOMAIN} -o "plugin/quota=dict:User quota::noenforcing:proxy::quotadict"
+From: no-reply@$(hostname -f)
 Subject: Mailbox Quota Warning: ${PERCENT}% full, ${USER}
 Your mailbox is now ${PERCENT}% full, please clean up some mails for