Zhang Huangbin avatar Zhang Huangbin committed d1a4180

FreeBSD: Allow access to MySQL server from Jail.

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     elif [ X"${DISTRO}" == X'FREEBSD' ]; then
         ECHO_DEBUG "Configure Apache."
         # With Apache2.2 it now wants to load an Accept Filter.
-        echo 'accf_http_load="YES"' >> /boot/loader.conf
+        echo 'accf_http_load="YES"' >> /boot/loader.conf &>/dev/null
         # Change 'Deny from all' to 'Allow from all'.
         sed -i '.iredmailtmp' '/Each directory to/,/Note that from/s#Deny\ from\ all#Allow\ from\ all#' ${HTTPD_CONF}


     ECHO_DEBUG "Sleep 5 seconds for MySQL daemon initialize ..."
     sleep 5
-    echo '' > ${MYSQL_INIT_SQL}
+    ECHO_DEBUG "Grant access privilege from ${LOCAL_ADDRESS} ..."
+    if [ X"${LOCAL_ADDRESS}" == X'' ]; then
+        mysql -u${MYSQL_ROOT_USER} <<EOF
+    fi
     ECHO_DEBUG "Setting password for MySQL admin (${MYSQL_ROOT_USER})."
     mysqladmin --user=root password "${MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWD}"
+    echo '' > ${MYSQL_INIT_SQL}
     cat >> ${MYSQL_INIT_SQL} <<EOF
-/* Delete anonymouse user. */
+-- Delete anonymouse user.
 USE mysql;
 DELETE FROM user WHERE User='';
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