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Code cleanup.

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+    * It now works on OpenBSD. Tested with OpenBSD 5.1.
     * Add new value of enabledService: doveadm. Required by Dovecot-2.0
       service doveadm.


                 Y|y )
                     ECHO_INFO "Restarting firewall ..."
-                    # openSUSE will use /etc/init.d/{SuSEfirewall2_init, SuSEfirewall2_setup} instead.
                     if [ X"${DISTRO}" == X'OPENBSD' ]; then
-                        /sbin/pfctl -f ${IPTABLES_CONFIG}
+                        /sbin/pfctl -ef ${IPTABLES_CONFIG}
+                        # openSUSE will use /etc/init.d/SuSEfirewall2_{init,setup} instead.
                         if [ X"${DISTRO}" != X"SUSE" ]; then
                             ${DIR_RC_SCRIPTS}/iptables restart


 # Basic OpenBSD PF rules, based on the original /etc/pf.conf.
 set block-policy drop
+block log all
 set skip on lo
-pass            # to establish keep-state
+#pass            # to establish keep-state
 # rules for spamd(8)
 table <spamd-white> persist
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