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 first_valid_uid = ${VMAIL_USER_UID}
 last_valid_uid = ${VMAIL_USER_UID}
+# Master user.
+# Master users are able to log in as other users. It's also possible to
+# directly log in as any user using a master password, although this isn't
+# recommended.
+# Reference:
+auth_master_user_separator = *
 # Debug options.
 auth default {
     mechanisms = plain login
     user = ${VMAIL_USER_NAME}
+    # Master user.
+    passdb passwd-file {
+        master = yes
+    }
+    # Master user password file.
     if [ X"${BACKEND}" == X"OPENLDAP" ]; then
         cat >> ${DOVECOT_CONF} <<EOF
     passdb ldap {
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