iredmail / iRedMail / functions /

Diff from to


     perl -pi -e 's#^(run_as_user).*#${1} = $ENV{IREDAPD_DAEMON_USER}#' iredapd.ini
     perl -pi -e 's#^(run_as_daemon).*#${1} = yes#' iredapd.ini
-    if [ X"${BACKEND}" == X"OpenLDAP" ]; then
+    if [ X"${BACKEND}" == X"OPENLDAP" ]; then
         # Set backend.
         perl -pi -e 's#^(backend).*#${1} = ldap#' iredapd.ini
         # Enable plugins.
         perl -pi -e 's#^(plugins).*#${1} = ldap_maillist_access_policy#' iredapd.ini
-    elif [ X"${BACKEND}" == X"MySQL" ]; then
+    elif [ X"${BACKEND}" == X"MYSQL" ]; then
         # Set backend.
         perl -pi -e 's#^(backend).*#${1} = mysql#' iredapd.ini
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