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File iRedMail/samples/cluebringer_extra.sql

     SELECT id, 'no_greylisting', 0, 'SenderIP:/32', 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
     FROM policies WHERE name='no_greylisting' LIMIT 1;
--- Disable greylisting for certain domain/users:
+-- Sample: Disable greylisting for certain domain/users:
 -- INSERT INTO policy_group_members (PolicyGroupID, Member, Disabled)
 --    SELECT id, '', 0 FROM policy_groups WHERE name='no_greylisting' LIMIT 1;
 -- Add indexes for columns required by web interface
-CREATE INDEX policies_name ON policies (name);
-CREATE INDEX policy_groups_name ON policy_groups (name);
+CREATE UNIQUE INDEX policies_name ON policies (name);
+CREATE UNIQUE INDEX policy_groups_name ON policy_groups (name);
 CREATE INDEX policy_group_members_member ON policy_group_members (member);
+-- Unique index to avoid duplicate records
+CREATE UNIQUE INDEX policy_group_members_policygroupid_member ON policy_group_members (policygroupid, member);
 -- CREATE INDEX policy_members_source ON policy_members (source);
 -- CREATE INDEX policy_members_destination ON policy_members (destination);