Is it normal to accept external emails with from: "mail@domain.tld" <>

Issue #114 invalid
Bogdan Cehan
created an issue

The right from email address should be: "Name" mail@domain.tld or just mail@domain.tld instead of "mail@domain.tld" <>

For me this it should be treated as null sender but somehow postfix ignores this. IredAPD-2.1 does the same, it's not identifying this as null sender. Regards, BogdanC

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  1. Zhang Huangbin repo owner
    • Could you please enable debug mode in iRedAPD, send same testing email to reproduce this issue, and extract FULL log related to this testing email from iRedAPD log file and post to our forum?
    • Show us Postfix log.
    • Also show us output of command postconf -n.

    This issue tracker is used for bug report, please post general issues/questions to our online support forum:

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