Adding more plugins to roundcube for default installation

Issue #140 wontfix
Anonymous created an issue

I am using iRedMail every hour. I have about many instances on many different server over many domains. The accounts are used by different people. My experience shows that users expects:

  1. Configure SPAM by ownself not only by marking message by SPAM but wants more after some time of using mails. (
  2. Desktop Notifications (
  3. Minimum tasklist or TODO list (they are doing this in drafts whitch is not usable as in external plugin

I strongly recommends adding those plugins for default instalation package.

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  1. Zhang Huangbin repo owner

    No plan to integrate them in iRedMail, sorry.

    • We only use official plugins shipped by Roundcube.
    • We cannot make sure third-party plugins are always compatible when we need to pack a new Roundcube release, if not, we need to wait for plugin developers and delay iRedMail release. this is not ideal.
    • You're free to integrate any plugins after iRedMail installation, and it's easy. but not every one need same (third-party) plugins, so you can expect that we will receive requests to remove these plugins from other iRedMail users. Hard to match everyone's needs.
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