Ansible installer

Issue #143 resolved
Petronel MALUTAN created an issue

Seen some talking about ansible installer !
Can you show me where that could be found please ?

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  1. Zhang Huangbin repo owner

    Dear Petronel,

    • We have draft pricing plan on this web page:
    • We currently have no plan to releasing it as an open source project.

      I understand everyone wants free software, so do i, but the one behind software needs something for breakfast, or pay employees salary to continue working on it and offer excellent tech support, seems not many people care about this.

    Probably no one pays or donate if you let it free

    I worked on iRedMail for more than a decade, if i rely on donation, i was dead 9 years ago due to no money to buy a bread. :)

    I am sure someone maybe me :) will adapt it a bit the and let it free forever ;)

    Forking and improving it is easy and doesn't take much time, maybe 1 week, 1 month or few months, but still someone needs to take care of them and offer tech support (either free or paid). Just curious, are you going to maintain it for few years? :)

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