OpenBSD: use httpd by default

Issue #151 resolved
Former user created an issue

Under Openbsd 6.3/ iRedMail 0.9.8 I experienced some issues with the nginx-Web-Server and would prefer/ recommend to use OpenBSD's own Web-Server httpd instead.

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  1. Zhang Huangbin repo owner
    • What's the issue? Please post to our online support forum for further discussion:

    • Workload matters. We use Nginx on CentOS/Debian/Ubuntu/OpenBSD/FreeBSD, so we take care of only one component (nginx), if we go OpenBSD builtin httpd on OpenBSD, we need to take care of 2 components. Note: it's not just taking care of the web server itself, we also need to take care of other application integrations, e.g. roundcube, sogo, iredadmin, etc. So we prefer sticking to Nginx at this stage.

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