Quarantined list - internal server error on delete all attempt

Issue #157 resolved
Austin Stierler
created an issue

Any attempt from the Quarantined Mail list ( /iredadmin/activities/quarantined ) to use the dropdown at bottom and select "Delete all in database" immediately returns "internal server error"

On most up to date (of both packages) 0.9.9 running iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL

Unable to dig into logs this second, but it's happened since it's been a fairly fresh instance with almost no items in there - so just reporting this in case it's re-produceable. I will look into server logs later this evening/tomorrow and update ticket if anything stands out.

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  1. Zhang Huangbin repo owner

    Bug. Patch for iRedAdmin-Pro-SQL-3.1 below, let me know whether or not it works for you.

    diff -r dbc9823953f4 libs/amavisd/quarantine.py
    --- a/libs/amavisd/quarantine.py    Tue Jan 22 12:39:37 2019 +0800
    +++ b/libs/amavisd/quarantine.py    Tue Jan 22 14:24:19 2019 +0800
    @@ -11,10 +11,8 @@
     # Import backend related modules.
     if settings.backend == 'ldap':
    -    from libs.ldaplib import decorators
         from libs.ldaplib import admin as ldap_lib_admin
     elif settings.backend in ['mysql', 'pgsql']:
    -    from libs.sqllib import decorators
         from libs.sqllib import admin as sql_lib_admin
    @@ -205,7 +203,6 @@
         return (True, (count, records))
     def delete_all_quarantined(quarantined_type=None, conn=None):
         if not conn:
             _wrap = AmavisdWrap()
  2. Austin Stierler reporter

    @Zhang Huangbin that appears to have done the trick. I also had a similar issue when trying to delete an alias earlier, so will check to see if something similar needs patched there as well. (I ended up just renaming it away so I could use that alias' name as a user account when needed).

    Thanks for the fix + quick replies as always!

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