Drop Apache support, use only Nginx

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Zhang Huangbin
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Drop Apache support, use only Nginx

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  1. eXtremeSHOK

    Most correct nginx servers will not show the server name.

    The world’s busiest websites use NGINX.

    Apache 2 is bloated, insecure and riddled with bugs and modules.

  2. eXtremeSHOK

    All this is mute, we (extremeshok.com) run with Nginx. We do almost daily migrations to Nginx. We wrote our own support for iredmail and Nginx since it was first used by us.

    If you want to use Apache use it. It's the same as if you wanted to run lightspeed/hawaitha.

    Surely with your expertise with Apache, it would be beyond simple to deploy it with Apache ?

    Being part of a few large opensource projects and having 1000's of servers under our control. Nginx is easier to maintain and deploy for dedicated environments.

    For shared winner is Apache.

    With regards to Apache exactly which version 2.4/2.6 ? 2.4 configurations are incompatible with 2.6.

    Php can be replaced with hhvm or zen opcache and php 5.6/5.7 if that's a concern.. Again we do this.

    At the end of the day what ever is easier for the developers to use. Their limited resources can be better focused on other areas.

    If I had it my way there would only be support for centos 6/7.

    Imagine what the other 14x wasted hours of testing bug fixing,developing for all the other platforms could be used for.

    That's the point.. Less to maintain for the developer is more time for enhancements.

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