mlmmj integration for full mailing list support

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Zhang Huangbin
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mlmmj integration for full mailing list support:

Why mlmmj:

  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to support multiple virtual mail domains

We will develop an agent program as interface between mlmmj and iRedAdmin, so that iRedAdmin (or other programs) can manage mlmmj settings directly.

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  1. Zhang Huangbin reporter

    A quick update of the mlmmj integration progress: (Sep 1, 2017):


    • All Linux distributions (supported by iRedMail) and OpenBSD offer mlmmj binary packages, FreeBSD has it in ports tree (but not the latest version).
    • We already have mlmmj integrated with iRedMail, doc will be published later. We will release a beta version of iRedMail for public test.
    • We're working on the mlmmj RESTful API server, core features are 80% done (Add/Delete/Update). Still need some time to write few scripts to help sysadmin manage mailing list account from command line (communicates with RESTful API, of course).

    Some more technical details about this RESTful API server:

    • It will be released under GPLv3 when it's considered as stable enough.
    • It's written in Python with web framework.
    • It will be a standalone daemon service, listen on port by default.
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